About Us
Grannylock.com is where you will find inventions by Dan Hale. Based in California, Mr. Hale is a long time inventor and an enthusiastic member of several inventors’ clubs. He specializes in simple yet ingenious ideas that make the life of the average person easier. Loved by people just like you all over the country, Dan Hale’s inventions will make you wonder how you ever got along without them!

Also recognized by industry experts, his work has received critical acclaim from the Innovation Institute of Everton, Missouri. The Innovation Institute exists to assess and evaluate the ideas and inventions of entrepreneurs and helps them to hone their ideas in order to prepare them for entry into the market. The institute gave Hale’s Granny Lock an impressive rating of 41 out of 50 points, which according to them is quite difficult to achieve.

Hale’s inventions center around very simple products that already exist, that people have long taken for granted. He then makes these regular, everyday things extraordinary with small, yet brilliant adaptations. His Granny Lock is a vast improvement over the traditional bedroom door lock you could find in most houses, offering much more security and peace of mind. His Wacky Wiper takes something mundane like a cleaning cloth and streamlines it, making it organized and exponentially efficient.
Hale’s products are safe, inexpensive and easy to use. Once you take a look at his catalogue of ideas, you will be kicking yourself for not thinking of them yourself. An inventor for all of us, let Dan Hale make your life easier today!

Contact Mr. Hale at danhale@grannylock.com.

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