About the Wacky WiperTM Maximize your cleaning time with the Wacky WiperTM cloth. The Wacky WiperTM is a "hand size" numbered cleaning sleeve. It is six-ply thick, which protects your hands and provides an outstanding clean. It’s great for windows, dirty hands and faces, kitchen spills and clean-ups, and many other every day messes. Professional cleaners move quickly and efficiently because they are constantly using a fresh cleaning surface. Why clean with a dirty rag? The Wacky WiperTM allows you to clean up to 30% faster. It is also a snap to clean; just toss in with your household laundry and it’s ready to use again. Replacing your paper towels with the Wacky WiperTM is doing your part for the environment by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.

Faster, easier, cleaner!
Marked clearly with eight different panels, the Wacky WiperTM is the cleaning tool for you. After one panel is soiled, just fold on the lines using the easy numbering system and use the next, clean panel. It gives you 16 different cleaning surfaces to use, maximizing cleaning and the life of the cloth. You only need to fold a sleeve in one direction, so there is 50% less to fold. Clean like a pro with the Wacky WiperTM!

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