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Grannylock.com features the practical and inexpensive inventions of Dan Hale. Mr. Hale has been inventing and generating ideas for decades, and is now bringing some of his best to you!

Introducing: The Granny LockTM

The flagship item of Grannylock.com is the Granny LockTM. Ingeniously designed to increase privacy and security for any knob operated, inward opening door, the Granny LockTM brings you and your family peace of mind. So easy to install it doesn’t even require drilling, the Granny LockTM quickly attaches to a standard strike plate and requires only minutes to completely install. With burglaries and home invasions on the rise in the United States, the Granny LockTMcan provide added security to both interior doors and seldom used or secluded exterior doors that criminals tend to target. Dan Hale’s Granny LockTM has been described as both “safe” and easy to use by the Innovation Institute of Everton, Missouri. Click here to learn more about the Granny LockTM.

The Granny LockTM is just one of the inventions that you will find at Grannylock.com. Also featured is the Wacky Wipe. In an effort to emulate the speed of professional cleaners, Mr. Hale realized that the key to their efficiency was the constant use of a clean cloth. He sewed a large terry cloth together to form a tube, which helped but he found that it was difficult to remember which section was clean and which had already been used. Mr. Hale remedied this by dividing the towel into sections, and numbering the panels. This ensured that he was maximizing the use of his towel. It worked so well he obtained a patent, and is offering this stroke of genius to you! Great for the environment because you reuse it over and over, the Wacky Wipe will be an essential part of your cleaning day for years to come. Make sure to order an extra one for cleaning and detailing your auto, too! Click here to learn more about the Wacky Wipe.

All My Doors Have Locks, Why Do I Need A GrannyLock?
Your door locks may not be quite as secure as you think.  Click here to read why we recommend installing one of our locks on every door of your house.

The Innovation Institute
You can view the assessment of the Grannylock from the third party evaluation of the Innovation Institute.
About the Inventor
Dan Hale is an inventor who specializes in products that are not only easy to use, but inexpensive as well. Committed to providing products that make your life easier, Mr. Hale would love to hear from you if you have a suggestion or a question. Click here to learn more about Mr. Hale or to contact him directly.

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