About the Granny Lock TM

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more than 2.2 million burglaries occurred across the United States in 2006. Even more alarming, the rate of home invasions is on the rise nationwide. You might not know it, but the locks on typical household doors are simple to defeat for anyone with even a basic understanding of how they work. Even a deadbolt is no match for a determined criminal with a crowbar. That’s why Dan Hale invented the Granny LockTM. This simple, but brilliant adaptation is so easy to install that even your grandmother can do it, yet so effective that it provides the complete security that standard locks can’t. The Granny LockTM can guarantee complete privacy and security for any room protected by an inward swinging, knob operated door. Perfect for either interior or exterior doors, the Granny LockTM can provide security wherever needed.

The patented design takes advantage of the strongest part of the door, the knob. By securing the entire knob to the door frame, anyone trying to enter the room would have to separate the knob from the rest of the door to gain entry. By comparison, a deadbolt only requires the criminal to push the bolt through the relatively flimsy material of which most interior doors are made. The extra security is ideal for exterior doors that are seldom used, such as basement or side doors. These are often targeted by criminals because they are out of sight and tend to be less secure. Protect your family from the unthinkable with the Granny LockTM.

The Granny LockTM is so simple to install, that’s actually how it got its name. Inventor Dan Hale sold a lock, then called the E-Z Knob Lock, to a local man in his 60s. This early customer came back to get one for his mother, she installed it herself, and the Granny LockTM was born. Because you simply use the striker plate that is already in place on the door frame, absolutely no drilling is required. You just use the holes that are already there. The Granny LockTM is even self storing. Simply hang it on the knob when not in use. When ready, the “U” joint simply slips into place around the door knob making the door impossible to open from the outside.

Your property and family are far too valuable to leave unprotected.
Secure basements, storage rooms, closets and bedrooms simply and completely. It is simple, super strong, and easy to install. It’s the Granny LockTM.

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