All My Doors Have Locks, Why Do I Need A GrannyLock?
Please take a moment to read this letter we recently sent to a potential distributor:

Since anyone can gain entry into your bedroom with a small screwdriver, this lock will bring added security and peace of mind to all those who use it.

In addition, there has been a surge of interest in "Lock bumping" - which is a simple technique that criminals use to get past a dead bolt and gain access into your home.

Here is a link to a sepcial news report on lock bumping:

Here is a link to a video showing how to make the special "bum keys" and how to use them to get past a dead bolt:

You can Google "lock bumping" to see additional videos and read more about it.  In this computer age, information like this makes it easy for a criminal to learn how to get into your home.

Our double-lock is easy to install and use.  There is no need to drill any holes or use any professional tools.   Installation takes less than 2 minutes with a standard screwdriver.  You just need to swap out the standard striker plate (2 screws) with one of our patented striker plates using the same screw holes.  It only takes seconds to use this lock.

As times get worse, there are more and more families doubling up in the same house and resting out rooms to strangers.

Our patented double-lock eliminates the risk of lock bumping at a fraction of the cost of the high-end bump-proof dead bolts.  We realize that nothing can replace the peace of mind from knowning your family is safe in your own home.

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